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25. Ring Care
Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014
Because Silver is a relatively soft metal, any ring you purchase will show signs of wear and tear sooner or later.

Naturally, this also applies to rings that have a matte finish.

However, if you are prepared to make some minimal effort then it is quite easy to keep your ring looking good.

All it takes is some sandpaper of a couple of different grades (available upon request), a fine-wire brush (available for the token sum of $2) plus some soap and water.

The sandpaper comes in grits of 240, 320 and 600.

For best results, take care to sand in one direction only with a smooth, regular motion.

For a matte finish, use the 240 grit paper only.

If you decide you would like a more pronouned effect you could use 180 grit or even ???, depending on your taste.

For a polished finish, work from 240 through to 600, then use the wire brush with soap and water.