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17. A Novel Approach
Wednesday, 05 Feb 2014
Arie :
Hi Jeff, I have found a way to solve the ROBOT by shaking.
I have uploaded it on youtube.
Here is the link :
Jeff :
Hey Arie, the shaking method is pretty good. Of course, you need to already know which band to be holding while you do the shaking, but still..

It's good to see that you are having fun playing around with your rings, which is exactly what they are for. By the way, do you mind if we put the link to your video on our website blog?
Arie :
Not only I need to hold the right band, the 1st band also need to face the right direction to make it work.

Yes, i did have fun with it. I even can do it with my eyes closed. Only thing I can't do is solve it with 1 hand. Lol.

By all means sir, go ahead and use the link however you like.
Jeff :
Thanks for the permission to use your video. For some reason the thought of you sitting there shaking ROBOT for hours to discover this trick was really funny :)

I understand about the urge to see if you could do it with your eyes closed, I have tried the same thing myself with lots of my rings.

But I think you gave up too easily when you tried to put ROBOT together with one hand, because I just tried it now as I am sitting at my computer typing this, and it didn't take more than a few minutes. And I have had no previous practice doing this, as I had never thought to try it before.