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12. We Don't Do Wholesale
Monday, 04 Nov 2013
I am not a standard businessman, and neither is my wife. We are artistic types, so for us making money, while important, is not the top priority.

I do all the ring-making myself, while my wife handles the organizational side of business as well as maintaining the website etc.

We have only been online for 10 months or so, and selling my rings online directly to customers is the only thing we do (so far, at least).

From our various experiences in the accessory business over the last 20 (?) years, it has become clear to us that the only way we like to sell my rings is directly to individual customers. This keeps things meaningful and personal.

Because we are offering a product that you simply cannot get from anyone else in the world (until others start 'borrowing' my designs), we don't feel the need to go down the road of cheap mass-production, hence we are not interested in doing 'run-of-the-mill' wholesale business with anyone.