We will have a break for 3 weeks (August 1st ~ 20th)
You can still place an order during that time,
but please note that we would not start processing it until after the 20th.
Sterling Silver - $70 USD
10K Gold - $518 USD
14K Gold - $802 USD
18K Gold - $1,164 USD
- 7.2 mm at widest point / 5.4 mm at narrowest
- 2.4 mm at thickest point / 1.8 mm at thinnest
- roughly 7.5g (silver) for US size 10
Gold & Silver Combinations
1 Gold bands / 5 Silver bands
1 x 10K + 5 Silver - $156 USD
1 x 14K + 5 Silver - $204 USD
1 x 18K + 5 Silver - $264 USD
2 Gold bands / 4 Silver bands
2 x 10K + 4 Silver - $240 USD
2 x 14K + 4 Silver - $336 USD
2 x 18K + 4 Silver - $456 USD
3 Gold bands / 3 Silver bands
3 x 10K + 3 Silver - $326 USD
3 x 14K + 3 Silver - $466 USD
3 x 18K + 3 Silver - $648 USD
4 Gold bands / 2 Silver bands
4 x 10K + 2 Silver - $390 USD
4 x 14K + 2 Silver - $578 USD
4 x 18K + 2 Silver - $820 USD
5 Gold bands / 1 Silver bands
5 x 10K + 1 Silver - $454 USD
5 x 14K + 1 Silver - $690 USD
5 x 18K + 1 Silver - $992 USD
If you want to order any of these, please specify which one and we will send you a PayPal money request.

Yellow, pink, and white gold are available.

The price is the same regardless of the size of the ring and whether you choose more than one color of gold.

All our alloys are purchased from Legor, a well-known Italian company.

Yellow Gold
Pink(Red) Gold
White Gold
We don't rhodium-plate our white gold. For more details read our blog entitled :

19. White Gold : No Rhodium-Plate
29. Legor's White Gold

About This Ring
Thi s ring owes its current incarnation to one of our customers, Peter.

He wanted a replacement for a ring that he had bought from a jeweler, and that guy was no longer in business.

Because I liked the look of it, I agreed to reproduce it, using as a guide photos that Peter sent.

During the design phase, I came to realize that instead of there being 6 distinctly different bands, there were in fact only 3. Therefore I only needed 3 moulds, with 2 castings from each mould making up the 6 bands. (Just like for one of my most recent creations, HEX )

Since the inspiration for this ring came from him, when the time came I offered Peter the 'naming rights'.

CAMELOT is the name that he came up with, and this is the story he provided.

It was a time of Legends, Magic, Myths and Love so strong it could bring down an empire. Don't let it be forgot that once there was a spot where everything was perfect.

This is the ring that my wife and I purchased as wedding bands 27 years ago.

I outgrew the ring, but the enchantment of the intertwining bands that fit together in perfect harmony lingered on. In searching for a replacement, I found Jeff who has magically recreated this ring.

The King has declared that, in short there's simply not a more congenial spot for happy ever-aftering than here in Camelot.


I like the clean, simple appearance of CAMELOT, and have already decided to make another version, this time with only 4 pieces.

But more about that later.

The ring shown in the photos is US size 10.