We will have a break for 3 weeks (August 1st ~ 20th)
You can still place an order during that time,
but please note that we would not start processing it until after the 20th.
Sterling Silver - $70 USD
10K Gold - $548 USD
14K Gold - $848 USD
18K Gold - $1,232 USD
- 8.2 mm at widest point / 5.9 mm at narrowest
- 3.6 mm at thickest point / 1.7 mm at thinnest
- roughly 8.1g (silver) for US size 10
Gold & Silver Combinations
1 Gold bands / 4 Silver bands
1 x 10K + 4 Silver - $172 USD
1 x 14K + 4 Silver - $230 USD
1 x 18K + 4 Silver - $306 USD
2 Gold bands / 3 Silver bands
2 x 10K + 3 Silver - $278 USD
2 x 14K + 3 Silver - $398 USD
2 x 18K + 3 Silver - $554 USD
3 Gold bands / 2 Silver bands
3 x 10K + 2 Silver - $380 USD
3 x 14K + 2 Silver - $560 USD
3 x 18K + 2 Silver - $790 USD
4 Gold bands / 1 Silver bands
4 x 10K + 1 Silver - $466 USD
4 x 14K + 1 Silver - $708 USD
4 x 18K + 1 Silver - $1,016 USD
If you want to order any of these, please specify which one and we will send you a PayPal money request.

Yellow, pink, and white gold are available.

The price is the same regardless of the size of the ring and whether you choose more than one color of gold.

All our alloys are purchased from Legor, a well-known Italian company.

Yellow Gold
Pink(Red) Gold
White Gold
We don't rhodium-plate our white gold. For more details read our blog entitled :

19. White Gold : No Rhodium-Plate
29. Legor's White Gold

About This Ring
In one important way SPAGHETTI is unlike any other ring that has come before it.

How so, you might ask?

Well, every other ring on this website shows very obvious signs of where any two bands cross over each other, since half the thickness of each band has been removed at that point.

Not so with SPAGHETTI, where each band maintains the same thickness whether it is crossing over another band or not. Of course, because hammering of the castings (to ensure that they sit down snugly next to each other on the mandrel) is necessary during assembly, small indentations where the bands cross each other were inevitable, but I have taken care to remove any such marks.

Thus there are no visual clues to aid in the assembly of this ring, which hopefully adds to the challenge (unless you go straight to the video, of course). Actually, a copy of the ring has been sent to an American guy well-known in puzzle circles for his solving skills, just so I can get his feedback. Once I have it I will update this page.

This ring was originally going to called GLENELG, after the sea-side suburb of the same name where for 4 years we used to sell at an outdoor market during the summer months. Once we recognized the appropriateness of the reference to spaghetti we had no option but to abandon GLENELG.