Matte Finish
Please read the information below before purchasing.

This effect is achieved by sand-blasting the ring, so the effect is only 'skin-deep'. Which means that it will show the same signs of wear and tear as a polished ring. Therefore, scratches and other marks will show up sooner or later.

Of course, most of the inevitable blemishes on the matte finish will occur out of sight, where the bands make contact with any hard objects that you hold in your hand, so it helps if you don't wear it while bricklaying.

There is one way you can keep your ring looking good, however.

That is with the use of some relatively coarse (240, maybe even 180 or 120, depending on your taste) sandpaper once the original matte finish looks too worn for your liking. Of course, you would need to sand the entire area of the matte bands to ensure a uniform finish, but once that is done, all you would need to do is the occasional touch-up as needed.

The result is not as striking as that achieved by sand-blasting, but you have the advantage of being able to keep your ring looking good no matter how often you wear it. Strips of sandpaper are available from me upon request, at no extra cost.

If you are interested, please follow this link to read the feedback from a customer who tried this approach → 24. Caring For Your Matte Finished Ring

In addition to sandpaper to maintain the matte effect, you also have the option of keeping the polished bands looking good as well.

This is achieved with a fine wire brush used together with soap and water. These brushes are available from me, at a nominal cost of $2 → Pay For Wire Brush