Test Band
Please read the information below before purchasing.

Just about the only cause of customer dissatisfaction concerns the size of their ring. Unfortunately, there is no uniformity in the jewelry industry, with sizing mandrels from different manufacturers giving different readings for the same ring. Believe it or not, sometimes there isn't even uniformity among different mandrels from the same manufacturer.

Therefore a size 10 (for example) as measured on my mandrel may well be different from what you know as a size 10.

To deal with this issue, once a customer has paid we offer the opportunity to get a test band (a simple strip of copper the same width as your ring) sent to you first, so that you can check that it will fit properly before we get started on the 'real' ring.

We would charge you a fee of $3 for each test band sent.

We do not use Registered Mail to send these bands, so no tracking number can be provided.