We will have a break for 3 weeks (August 1st ~ 20th)
You can still place an order during that time,
but please note that we would not start processing it until after the 20th.
Sterling Silver - $70 USD
10K Gold - $480 USD
14K Gold - $740 USD
18K Gold - $1,072 USD
- 10.8 mm at widest point / 5.0 mm at narrowest
- 3.0 mm at thickest point / 1.7 mm at thinnest
- roughly 6.1g (silver) for US size 10
Gold & Silver Combinations
1 Gold bands / 3 Silver bands
1 x 10K + 3 Silver - $165 USD
1 x 14K + 3 Silver - $229 USD
1 x 18K + 3 Silver - $311 USD
2 Gold bands / 2 Silver bands
2 x 10K + 2 Silver - $276 USD
2 x 14K + 2 Silver - $406 USD
2 x 18K + 2 Silver - $572 USD
3 Gold bands / 1 Silver bands
3 x 10K + 1 Silver - $389 USD
3 x 14K + 1 Silver - $583 USD
3 x 18K + 1 Silver - $831 USD
If you want to order any of these, please specify which one and we will send you a PayPal money request.

Yellow, pink, and white gold are available.

The price is the same regardless of the size of the ring and whether you choose more than one color of gold.

All our alloys are purchased from Legor, a well-known Italian company.

Yellow Gold
Pink(Red) Gold
White Gold
We don't rhodium-plate our white gold. For more details read our blog entitled :

19. White Gold : No Rhodium-Plate
29. Legor's White Gold

About This Ring
FIRE MAZE is created by plating the entire MAZE ring with rose gold and then removing the plating from all exposed surfaces.

It was once one of our best sellers, thanks in no small part to the stunning photo that accompanied it, but we decided to withdraw it from sale.


Because we chose not to continue to use the plating company responsible for it, and decided that the gorgeous photo then amounted to false advertising. In addition, I came to suspect that, contrary to my original belief, the plating did deteriorate over time despite being well-protected from abrasion.

I cannot state categorically exactly how long the plating will last, simply because its longevity depends upon the treatment it receives. For example, it would last longer when worn on the finger of someone who works in an office than someone who works as a brick-layer.

We have done our best to ensure that the plating lasts a decent period of time by getting it done to a thickness of 1 micron.

Because our rings need to be sent to Bangkok for plating, the processing time for FIRE MAZE is 3~4 weeks.

The ring shown in the photos is US size 11.