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Monday, 29 Dec 2014
Our next 'New Release' will be a 6-piece ring that is, apparently, a real bastard to solve.

And why would I say 'apparently' if it's my creation?

Because it's not. We are going to have to change that part on our website where it says "All these puzzle rings are my own creations".

If you have ever downloaded a movie, then you probably used some software known as BitTorrent.

Well, BitTorrent's creator, Bram Cohen, also happens to design puzzle rings (in his head, using only a pencil and paper, if you can believe it), and has been on the lookout for years for someone who could do some of his designs in silver.

Stan Isaacs, one of my customers, knew that, so said he would show Bram some of the rings he had purchased from me when he saw him next.

Which he did.

Bram was sufficiently impressed that he got in touch, wanting me to produce Sixth Sense for him in silver. I agreed, under the condition that I could also sell SIXTH SENSE on my website.

Bram already collaborates with Oskar Van Deventer, a puzzle designer, so that copies of Sixth Sense are available through Oskar's shop on Shapeways. Oskar gets them 3D printed in plastic from CAD files that he created. These files were not suitable for me to use, so Oskar created new CAD files specifically for a metal version.

I am currently using these files to create the new ring, and the first one (or two or three) will go to Bram, since having Sixth Sense in silver is the whole reason he approached me in the first place.

Then Oskar gets a few for his efforts, then I make one for myself, then they are up for grabs.

An explanation of the Sixth Sense and its relationship to the traditional Turkish puzzle ring design is here (written by Bram Cohen) : http://bramcohen.livejournal.com/47101.html

The image below was supplied to us by Oskar Van Deventer during the process of arriving at the final form of SIXTH SENSE.