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9. Crisis!
Tuesday, 13 Aug 2013
Sue :
Help! It came apart!
Jeff :
Oh no!! You are doomed!

Since Fire Maze is the same basic pattern as Robot, all you have to do to get it together is watch how Robot is assembled.
Hopefully the Robot video will be all the help you need getting Fire Maze back together, if not I will have to get my making-an-instruction-video-for-Fire-Maze act together sooner rather than later (I have just bought a new camera with which to make instruction videos).

Let me know how your assembly efforts pan out, so I know whether I have to get moving immediately with my new camera or not.
Sue :
I thought I was doomed for a minute! It took me about 30 minutes but I finally figured it out! Whew!
I'm guessing it took longer because I hadn't eaten anything yet and lack of food makes my brain not work... at least that's my story lol!

No hurry on the video... I think I could probably figire it out again... given some time... and snacks.
Jeff :
OK, keep up with the snacks, they seem to work pretty well for my wife as well.

I would strongly recommend that you make a habit of assembling your ring every day for a while, until you really get the hang of it, since if you don't you will forever be scared of it coming apart. Obviously, such a state of affairs would not be conducive to showing it off and getting your friends in a tangle trying to re-assemble it at the pub while you laugh at them and feel superior, would it!