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7. Joe's Story
Saturday, 04 May 2013
* Joe is one of our customers.

I got my puzzle ring today and love it. I watched the videos for most of your rings and you have an entirely different method of assembly from the other designers that are out there. Truly unique.

I wanted to wait until I got my ring before I ordered more due to your relative newness, I'm sure you can understand. But I will be ordering again. I just had to tell you how much I like your rings and appreciate the fact you don't use the conventional configuration for putting together. I'm always looking for rings that not only look different from each other but that are actually solved differently from each other else wise it's all just the same ring.

( ... )

I became interested in puzzle rings back in my early 20's when I got my first one in a shop in Chicago. That one went goodness knows where over the years but I never stopped talking about it. Years later, my daughter found and bought me another for my birthday and I've been collecting for the next 20 years. I can usually tell by looking at an unpuzzled ring who made it or if all the bands are there as many undone ones are sold missing a band since the welds can break when you try to force it back together. I had acquired a few before I learned that lesson.

I had collected quite a few before I realized they were solved the same. A few variations after you enclose the V-shaped side bands within the figure eight, but more or less the same. The odd numbered ones were a different story.

I really didn't mind collecting all the different designs as some were pretty elaborate but of late have really been craving a new puzzle solution. And then I found your rings. Some have the appearance of the same solution but that's where the similarity ends. But it was looking at the ROBOT and GECKO that I realized I was onto something.

Keep up the very good work. Will be watching and buying from you again.