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6. Mike's Ring Size
Thursday, 18 Apr 2013
Mike :
Hi, I've measured my finger and come up with 5.5cm so I am figuring that's size 55. Thank you :)
Jeff :
Thanks for the purchase.

Yes, 5.5 cm equates to a size 55 ring.

Which makes it a pretty small ring for a guy (I should know, I wear a size 56.5 on my left index finger and I have 'delicate' hands.)

If you do have dinky little fingers like mine, you may also have knuckles that are bigger than the finger. Certainly, I don't like my rings slopping around, so I deliberately make my rings sufficiently tight that I have to lick my knuckle to provide a bit of lubrication just to get them on.

Did your measurement of 5.5 cm take into account any issues you might have with large knuckles?

Do you want to find a jeweller with the proper means to determine your size, or shall we go with a 55?

Please get back to me about this, I won't start until I hear from you.
Mike :
Thanks for getting back to me. The ring is actually for my wife who is rather smitten with your designs (and puzzle rings). She's measured the size and 55 should be perfect.

She has already warned me if she gets my password she'll order more of your rings :)
Jeff :
So it's only me with the dinky fingers.
And thanks for our laugh of the day, upon reading of your wife's warning to you.
I will send your wife's ring on Monday.