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5. Margaret's Story
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2013
During the course of communicating with our first online customer, Margaret, I asked her about her puzzle ring history. What follows below is a compilation of two of her responses. We publish this with her consent.

It is fun thinking back at my puzzle ring history. I was kind of a quiet child when I was growing up. My older brother would run around with his friends, but I would kind of get left in the dust. I enjoyed simply spending time in the house reading or watching TV with my grandmother. I always had fun looking through any type of catalogs that would come in the mail.

One day while I was looking through one of the catalogs I found the puzzle ring. I had never seen one or even heard of them until finding it that day in the catalog. After I whined long enough to my mom asking for this ring, she did decide to buy it for me.

So I got my first Turkish style puzzle ring made out of silver when I was in grade school, which would have been around 1967. The way I learned to assemble the ring was from a simple, printed instruction sheet that was included with the ring. That as they say was how it all began.

When I would have physical education class in school the teacher would make us
take off any jewelry and put it in her desk drawer. Somebody stole my ring out of her drawer and I was not able to get another one because they seemed to have gone out of style for a period of time.

It was not until about 15 years later that I was in a jewelry store in the local mall when I said something to the sales clerk about wishing I could find a puzzle ring in gold. The clerk said he had a catalog that he could show me. The catalog was from Jose Grant out of Stamford, Connecticut in the United States.

I was quite excited about this find. I bought several rings from the catalog during the next few years. Now we are up to the early 1980's. So, during the past 30 years or so I have been adding to my collection. I have had a lot of fun finding and buying the various styles of puzzle rings that I have found along the way.

I do spend quite a bit of time looking for various rings on the Internet. It was of course not as easy at the beginning because there was no Internet back when I first gained my love for the puzzle rings.

When I found your web site and also your rings for sale on Etsy I had a breath of fresh air in my search for puzzle rings. As far as I am able to find you are truly a unique seller. Your puzzle rings are the only ones I have found to be different.