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3. How To Assemble A Turkish Puzzle Ring
Tuesday, 11 Dec 2012
Lisa :
Hi, I'm hoping you can help me.

I purchased a vintage-y puzzle ring from, well, from essentially a junk shop. It was already broken apart and the store owner didn't know how to get it back together. I got it partially for the fun challenge but I've gotten nowhere with it!

Do you think you'd know how to do it if you looked at it?
I'm not sure how to do it... maybe detailed photos?

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
Jeff :
Here comes the cavalry to the rescue.

I can only assume that what you have is one of the traditional Turkish design. In that case, it is no surprise that you have had no success in putting it back together.

I had one in the 70's, and used to practice to see how quickly I could assemble it. 13 seconds was about my limit. As with most things, it's easy when you know how.

I will let you know when I make a short video that ought to help you, and put it up on the website for you to access.
Lisa :
That's so great, thank you!
Just in case it helps here are a few photos I snapped. It's made of 4 bands.
Jeff :
From the photos I'm pretty sure you have the original design, although there are a couple of versions of it. I didn't make both versions, so hopefully what you have is the same as mine.

Watch the video, give it a bash, and see whether my instructions work for you.

I await your report with interest.
Lisa :
It worked!!!!! I'm so excited--thank you!!!!

The hardest part was definitely making the figure 8 but the rest is pretty easy.
Your video was super instructive and easy to follow.

Thank you again!!!!!!!!
Jeff :
Yeah, as you say, the figure-8 shape is the hardest part, but even that becomes easy with repetition.

I'm glad you found the video easy to follow. I used to be a school teacher (Maths and Science), so I've had plenty of experience explaining things in a simple, logical way.

Glad to be of help, and thanks for the photographic proof of your success.