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Wednesday, 05 Nov 2014
Jim works with Canadian Veterans whose experiences while serving in the Armed Forces have made it difficult for them to cope effectively with life afterwards. Many such vets are either homeless or in danger of becoming so, and many are plagued by PTSD (as indeed is Jim).

Obviously, he has a thing for puzzle rings, since his request for a ring incorporating the VETS logo came through our website.

To create such a ring from scratch requires such a large amount of work, therefore, I would normally not have accepted the work.

But I know only too well what it is like trying to cope with the complexities of life while saddled with PTSD, so I decided to treat this work as my contribution to a good cause, and started slaving away.

But not very quickly.

As I said to Jim early on, "don't hold your breath', and it is just as well he didn't.

At long last VETS is complete.
I hope it provides some small measure of solace in the right hands.