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22. White Gold Dramas
Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014
Mary :
i was wondering if you can choose between white and yellow gold in the puzzle rings? i didn't see a place to choose - maybe i overlooked it? Anyway, we are looking for white gold.
Jeff :
The reason you didn't see a place to choose between yellow and white gold is that it doesn't exist yet. Dealing with this issue is getting close to the top of my very long list of things to do, but still haven't gotten around to it yet.

In any case, there is some news concerning white gold that will affect you.

Essentially, working in white gold is so difficult that I have stopped taking orders for all-white-gold rings. The problem is that it is so hard that getting bands to sit snugly alongside each other without gaps and unevenness is virtually impossible, resulting in a ring that is not up to my standards.

For the time being at least I am willing to take orders for rings that have only 1 band in white gold, or perhaps 2, depending on the design, but no more.

Sorry for the disappointment, but if you had any experience working with it you would understand completely.
Mary :
Thank you for such a prompt reply. Also, thank you for explaining about the difficulties in working with white gold. We are open to yellow gold and we really love your designs. We have been looking for wedding bands for a couple of months now - I just found your webpage yesterday. I wish we had found it much earlier. We couldn't find anything that we really liked and we don't like all the cookie-cutter stuff from the big name stores.
Jeff :
Well, I'm not a "cookie-cutter" kind of person either, glad you like our style.
Mary :
Awesome. Rings are ordered. We are excited :)
Jeff :
Thanks for your order.

The ball is already rolling since this evening I ordered the waxes I need to send to the casting company.

I need to clarify what colour of gold you want. Presumably it is yellow, but I need to be sure. Of course, you could have a mixture of colours if you want. Since the waxes probably won't get to Bangkok until Saturday, you have a day or two to think about that.
Mary :
Very cool! We're going to stick with yellow gold.
Jeff :
OK, yellow it is. I'll keep you posted.

( * updated : The story has changed significantly since then.
Because we found a particular alloy of white gold that is relatively soft, I now offer all-white-gold rings (plus part-white-gold, part other-colour-gold, of course). )