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21. The March Of Progress
Saturday, 12 Jul 2014
On the occasion of honouring the dim and distant past of PuzzleRingMaker, it's time to get a bit philosophical.

Consider for a moment that back when I first started in the accessory business the internet in its current form was not available to the common man, and that is only something like 15 years ago.

Now it's everywhere, and it's difficult to imagine living without it.

Hell, let's go back even further, to those ancient times when TV didn't exist, but I did.

That is, back in the 1960s in Adelaide, when I remember going over to our next-door neighbours, the Berry family, on a Sunday evening with my brother to watch Disneyland, because they had a TV set and we didn't.

Such deprivation.


No wonder I turned out so twisted that I get my enjoyment by inflicting puzzle rings upon an innocent world !?

Anyway, back to the point.

Which is that at the dawn of PuzzleRingMaker history, I was making all my rings by hand.

Not only that, but the instruction sheets I used to give to customers featured diagrams of the rings drawn by my own hand.

As you can see here.

So last-century!

Now, we have begun getting our designs modeled by computer, and just today our first exploration of the promising world of 3D printing resulted in us receiving the pieces of HEX (a 6-piece ring that will soon feature on our website), from Shapeways, a US company specializing in such things.