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20. To The Rescue
Thursday, 10 Jul 2014
Elle :
I believe I own a puzzle ring I ordered from you, it has been at least 4 years I would guess, it is a flower puzzle ring that also has leaves entwined into it, I did not see a picture of it on your site, so I could be mistaken.

I can't at the moment take a picture because the ring has fallen apart, I also have a lovers puzzle ring that I believe I bought from you also. I could be mistaken but thought I'd ask anyways.

The reason I'm emailing is that I love both of my rings, especially the flower one and was hoping you were still making them, the one I own has one band out of 4 bands, that is broken, although still wearable, and I believe a leaf or 2 may have broken off as there are small gaps on both sides of the flower, again I still wear it.

My lovers puzzle ring is composed of 2 rings, and they are both broken as well. I see you do repairs so I was hoping that if it was you who made these rings that I could contact you about them.
Jeff :
We have only been selling online for just over a year now, so it certainly wasn't us you bought your rings from.

I assume that by "broken" you mean that the soldered joints have failed (it would be a clean break, like it had been cut), in which case repairing them would be simple, assuming that there are no stones on the rings.

Because I am interested in seeing these rings (I'm always open to good design ideas) I would be willing to fix them for free, provided these repairs only involved a bit of simple soldering.
Elle :
Thanks for getting back with me. I wouldn't mind sending them to you as long as they are returned. They are both clean breaks.
Jeff :
Yes, of course your rings would be returned to you. Otherwise it would be the same as me asking you to just give them to me.
Jeff :
Your rings touched down in Chiang Mai yesterday. I'm not usually this efficient, but they are both already fixed.

Am I right in thinking that you don't remember how to put it together? If so, would you like me to make a short video showing you how to do it?

I will be able to return them in a couple of days.
Elle :
I had not been able to get the flower ring back together because it was broken and I have never been good at it, a video would be great!
Elle :
Just wanted to let you know I received the rings and they look great! Thank you so much again for fixing them for me!!
Jeff :
You are welcome.

One thing though, it wasn't until I had already posted the parcel that I noticed I had forgotten to include your instruction sheet. Hopefully, you find my video on the subject more than adequate for the job of assembly, and don't need it any more.

Anyway, if you want it back, let me know.
Elle :
No worries, I wasn't able to follow those instructions anyways, I find the videos much more helpful.