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15. A Grieving Lady
Thursday, 10 Jul 2014
Dxxx :
hi, i don't know what size. plse supply average size for a 20 yo woman's right ring finger (whatever that is!!!). i'll get it resized here if i need to. many thnx.
Jeff :
Getting your ring resized professionally in your country would set you back more than the price of the ring, so I strongly suggest that you take the time now to accurately determine your ring size.

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, the best thing would be to walk into a jeweller's shop and ask them to measure your size for you.

Please get back to me when you can specify it.
Dxxx :
many thnx for yr reply Jeff. i'm buying the ring for my dghtr and want it to be a surprise. so, asking for her ring size would give the game up! and no, she doesn't have any other rings to size from. i take yr point re the cost of resizing here, so i guess i'll have to get her sized by a jlr after-all.
Jeff :
Yes, ordering a ring as a surprise gift for someone else is a pretty hit-or-miss affair as far as the size is concerned when you don't want to give the game away.

Obviously, getting her ring size will alert her to the fact that her gift will be a ring, but at least she will have no idea what kind of ring it will be.
Dxxx :
thnx Jeff. as soon as i get her finger sized i'll let u no. doing it this way does have the advantage of her being able to choose what finger she'd like to wear it on.
Jeff :
Just checking, on the off chance that you already sent me the size info that I need and it got lost in the ether somewhere. I can't do anything until I have it.
Jeff :
My wife keeps nagging me to get back in touch with you, to remind you that we are still waiting for you to provide the size, so that is what I am doing. Obviously we can't proceed with your order yet.
Dxxx :
thnx jeff
my dad died a couple of weeks ago and you can just imagine the ensuing chaos.
I'll get my dghtr's errant finger sized asap.
Dxxx :
hi jeff
my dghtr got her finger sized last week, but forgot to tell me. it is a US 8.

ps. thank your wife for the "nagging" - it got us all moving in the end!
Jeff :
Oh no, did you really have to say the words "thank your wife for the nagging", did you?
Just when I thought I had her on the retreat with my "I hope you feel guilty for harassing a grieving lady", you turn around and say thank you.
Now she will feel that the worth of her nagging has been vindicated.
What have you done to me?

PS) I'll get cracking on the ring.
Dxxx :
now jeff
I know we don't know one another, but I am truly flattered by your reference to me as a "lady". I've certainly been called a great many things in my life, but I can't remember the last time someone was kind enough to use that term in relation to me. the more especially so since I'm male.
Jeff :
Uh-oh, put my foot in it there, didn't I ?
I had never seen this name before, and as the wife called you 'she', I followed along.
So it's all her fault !
But obviously you have a well-developed sense of the absurd, so no skin off anyone's nose.

PS) I will be starting on your ring today.