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13. Blazon Project
Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013
Soslan :
Can you, Jeff, make the special (puzzle) ring? You see our family got the blazon. Is it possible to imagine it at ring? I attached 2 pics.
Jeff :
I am open to the possibility of making a puzzle ring to match special customer requirements such as your blazon. Of course, making such a ring would take considerable time and would be for a one-off sale, meaning that it would not be cheap, but if we could agree on a design it could probably be done without any particular problem.

One question : Am I right in assuming that the central shield-shaped thing with the 4 quadrants is the important part, and that the curtain-like surroundings could be ignored? Certainly, focusing exclusively on the shield would allow for much more detail, and be practically a lot easier to put onto a ring.
Soslan :
I appreciate your attitude! About our blazon you are completly right - the main part is shield-shaped with four quadrants.
Jeff :
I have been thinking about the blazon ring, and have decided that the best way to explain your options is to make a short video that we can put up on our website for you to look at. I will probably be doing that on Tuesday.