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11. How To Deal With An Oversized Ring
Wednesday, 25 Sep 2013
The paper-strip method is not the ideal way to determine one's size accurately. I would like to emphasize that it is only an approximate method. We received this letter recently.

Hi Jeff,

Received rings today. They're more beautiful than in the pics! Thanks.

My only problem is that they're slightly loose on our fingers. It's definitely not your fault since they're exactly the size I ordered. Must have been the way I measured. I used a strip of paper around the finger and marked off the circumference, taking into account the knuckle. I guess the paper does not really show the tight fit needed for the ring to stay in place.

Well, I sort of solved my problem by wearing it on a thicker finger :) But my son's was meant to go on his largest finger, so there's nothing to do unless they grow thicker, which most probably they will :)

I know that you can have them fixed, but we wouldn't like to wait for them to make the trip there and back again. So I went to a local jeweler to check if they had those size reducing clips, but they didn't have them wide enough. The other solution they offered was to slip on a piece of rubber tubing onto the band.

Do you have any solution that may help?

* After some Googling, we found some videos from YouTube that give a solution to the problem. Follow the link below if you are interested.