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Award-Winning Design
by Carl Hoff
WOW5 in Silver
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
White Gold
Green Gold
White Gold
Sterling Silver
10K White Gold
10K Yellow Gold & Silver
with Ruby
Bronze & Silver
10K Rose Gold & Silver
Almost All These Puzzle Rings Are My Own Creations

My rings are the result of countless hours sitting at my workbench posing the question "What if .…?" to myself, and then working to bring my ideas into existence.

In a remarkably time-consuming process, I used to create the original rings (masters) using wire as a starting point, which is why all my earlier ones are a bit wonky.

These days I simply create the pattern I want out of strips of paper, after which someone with 3-D modeling skills creates files so that the masters can be 3-D printed.

All My Rings Are Different From The Original Turkish Puzzle Ring

You will find that the vast majority of puzzle rings available, no matter how different they might look or how many pieces they have, are based on the traditional design, and hence all assemble in the same way.

Naturally, being different from the original, all my rings assemble differently as well.

Which is not to say that all my rings are different from each other, as some of them differ only cosmetically from each other.

Only Available Here

Concerning my own creations, you will not find any of them available anywhere else except for Etsy and eBay Australia.

If you do find them elsewhere, it simply means that someone has started copying them, in which case I would be grateful if you informed me.

The rings that are NOT my creations (Camelot, WOW5, and Bram Cohen's Design) are here because I was asked to reproduce existing rings, and was given the necessary information to be able to do so.

Sixth Sense and Threesome are available elsewhere, while I have no idea whether Camelot is offered elsewhere or not.